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“METAL-SPEED”, modern tool room of 21st Century. Our strength is a smart combination of latest technology, high quality and fast quotation reactions including job order performance. Thanks to many years of experience, qualified personnel and know how knowledge in the machining industry fields we exactly know the customer needs. We are always one step ahead with full readiness to face unexpected manufacturing plant problems. Our quick reaction to the existing failure helps to maintain a lean manufacturing flow what leads to save time, money and allows to avoid a process break. MELTAL-SPEED fast adaptation and flexibility to the problem assures reparation of fatigued or wormed out parts/ machines in a reasonable time. For a special client request there is an option to fabricate a custom design being unavailable on the market.

We are qualified specialists in:

CNC Machining precise machining of all types of available on the market materials (starting from Graphite, through Non-Ferrous Metals up to Acid-Resistant Metals including heat treated once), new part making, used details renovation/ modernization, cast iron machining as well as important datum surfaces/ features;

- Vertical Machining Centre CNC in range of direct. X1200mm Y500mm Z600mm

UNI Machining
using Universal Milling Machine, milling performance on blank (semi-manufactured) goods as well as roughing tooling;

UNI Turning conventional turning, drilling, rifling, axial boring etc.;

- Range of this service within Ø=300mm, L=1000 mm

Welding/ Facing, Pad Welding steel construction welding, specialized aluminium welding, stainless steel welding, TIG precise welding, pad welding of defects;

Grinding flat surface grinding, shaft grinding, inside diameter grinding;

General Locksmith Works
elements assembly, cutting down/ polishing etc.;

Designing and Technical Consultancy designing based on CAD/CAM Software, lean manufacturing modification prospects, CAD documentation, consulting.

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